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Welcome to Your new Lifestyle
We at OPS provide workable solutions for your specific environment and to meet your lifestyle requirements.
Our services extend to: Structured cable networks, CCTV, Security, Home theatre, Multiroom audio, Intercom, Smart home integration, Lighting systems, Internet data structures.
Operating for over 10 years, a Family business that has continued to grow and leave its mark. OPS, boasts a large and diverse clientele of satisfied customers, this being the result of years of experience and dedication to.
Quality Products No compromise services Fair pricing structure
Commitment to new technology Client satisfaction Plus much more..

What do we do?

OPS will personalize your integration experience with a one on one consultation to discuss your specific requirements. After discussions, recommendations, and advice on new technology, we would then design a system to match those requirements.

Our systems can change the way your business or home operates under continuing new technology. Your house would become, THE SMART, Workable HOUSE. Your homes personality can be truly revealed, a well designed system allows you to CONTROL a range of personlised scenerios. Controlling your lighting, security system and access control, multi roomAudio and video communications, Sound distribution, Home Theatre, Even control over blinds and curtains.

A smart home intergration system can be such a joy to live with, options are endless.

We can start with a basic structured cable network and add sections as you progress, with the aim  to provide a smart comfortable home or office environment. If you want change, modernisation, cable networking,  its time to set the ball in motion. Contact OPS today !