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Structured Network

What is a Structured Network?


When your home is wired with a Structured Network all of your cables originate from a single centralised location. 


 This enables you to Watch, Listen and Enjoy the following in any room of your home:

-         CD / Mp3 Audio

-         DVD

-         Off Air Television

-         FOXTEL

-         Internet

-         Phone

 With the Structured Network in place your home technology (Audio, Video, Internet, Security and even heating and air conditioning*) is capable of being controlled from any location in your home via a Control System. 
Additional Structured Network benefits:

-         Improved Signal Quality

-         No Splicing (Splices are a major cause of cable failure)

-         Troubleshooting is simplified

-         Expansion and Update of equipment is much easier in the future


With a Structured Network in place the limitations are set only by your imagination.